There Is A New Natural, Guilt-Free Solution To Stress Relief

In a time where stress is at an all-time high, LUVV Lab’s line of nutraceuticals provide a promising, healthy solution to nicotine consumption.

In a day and age where everything is uncertain, stress and societal pressures have become significantly more overwhelming than in previous times. Because of social media, where everything is instant and we are constantly on a platform with hundreds if not thousands of people paying attention to us, stress to be competent and engaging is at an all-time high. We see ourselves even more removed from our “normal” lives. Some of the perks in our careers that have allowed us to travel or have drawn us to the outdoors occur less frequently, which in turn results in feelings of claustrophobia and a constant desire to escape. Many adults and teens have turned to stress relievers such as nicotine, THC, and arguably the worst of them all, prescription medication.

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